Nine Girls Ask? for a cure for Ovarian Cancer, has established this site to offer their love, assistance and wisdom to help make your journey with ovarian and all gynecological cancers as positive and uncomplicated as possible. We want you to remember that you are not a statistic and you are not alone! You are an individual and every woman’s recovery is quite unique. God is in control! You must take charge of your future with a positive, calm, optimistic mind set. We have faith that you will reach deep inside yourself and find you are stronger than you know yourself to be. All of the members of NGA would like you to know you are loved and that we care about you deeply. You are healed and you are a survivor from the moment you are diagnosed! Most importantly we want you to know we are HERE FOR YOU!

Yes, cancer is a disease none of us wish upon ourselves or anyone. Once we are diagnosed, we must accept, it and then give ourselves permission to let it go. God is in charge!  Reach deep within and find your own personal life force and spiritual strength. Let go of any worries or apprehensions you may have and release them to God. Once you acquire the trust, peace and knowledge to do this, you will be amazed how extremely liberating it is. You will be able to pass your anxiety off as easy as brushing a feather off your shoulder. And then you will understand God has given you a gift. We know that is difficult to fathom, but we promise at some point you will believe, and you will know it is true.

You are truly blessed! At times you may ask, “How am I blessed by having this wicked disease?” We promise, at some point during your journey you will grasp the true meaning of your own blessing. GOD will unlock doors and opportunities for you that you never imagined. You will now have the privilege to get acquainted with strong, courageous women such as yourself. You will help others by joyfully giving of yourself. You will learn to easily forgive yourself and others. You will view others with more tolerance and be less judgmental. You will acquire the ability to love and be loved with little effort. You will see life with clarity you have never experienced before. You will state with confidence “I am blessed!”  You now have a new normal and at times it will be challenging to say the least, but it is also an invaluable experience.

Our hopes are that this site along with your willingness to become involved with NGA, will offer you opportunities to relax and take time to BREATHE. A safe haven to spend some time away from the medical world you have been thrust into. A place designed just for you, to know you are WHOLE, HEALED AND HEALTHY.

Remember this statement and repeat often, “I will only go as fast as the slowest part of me feels safe to go”!  Please remember, you are a survivor the moment you receive your diagnosis!

You now have our love and complete support.
God Bless You,

“Somehow we endure, and realize we are stronger than we know ourselves to be.”

Joan Wyllie